Welcome to the California State Foster Parent Association Web Site.

Our Association was established in 1972 by a group of Foster Parents in San Francisco who met around a kitchen table and came up with the idea to create a support system for Foster Parents in California.

We now have about 50 chapters throughout the state and total of just about one thousand Foster Parents that join our Association every year.

CSFPA Our Main focus is to address issues of Foster Parents, guardianship, and adoptive parent, also kinship placements that now includes over 55% of all children in out-of-home placements in California.

If you are interested in becoming a foster parent, you may call the Department of Social Services in your county. Some of the larger counties of a Department of Children’s Services or may list Foster Home Services. Every county has guidelines and an orientation plan to help you decide if Foster Parenting is something you would like to do.

If you are now a Foster Parent and would like to join our association we would welcome your participation. you may join through one of our subordinate chapters near you. The chapter will send $15 to the State Association and you will then receive our newsletter with information on current issues and events.

If you want to know where the nearest chapter is, you may call our Membership Chairperson (Mary Haghenbeck (510)223-2022), and she will give you that information.